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giv soft butter Dog Peanut Butter

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  • Our 100% all natural ingredient giv soft butter dog treat nut butters can be used with a dog lick mat, as a dog pill pocket or as puppy food, puppy treats, and puppy training treats
  • These are dog treats made in USA only and our recipe of roasted peanuts blended with honey is a nutrient dense food for your dog with only two ingredients, just peanut butter and honey
  • Our vision was to create food you can share with your dog, because we believe if you shouldn't eat it, your dog shouldn't either. Our butters are a grain free dog food and nutritious training treats.
  • Our giv soft butter peanut butter dog treats are human peanut butter made for healthy dog treats and contains no hydrogenated oils, stabilizers, palm oil, salt, high fructose corn syrup or xylitol.
  • Dog treats small dogs, dog treats for medium dogs that can be used as training treats for dogs, spread on fruit, used to hide the taste of medicine or for use on a lick mat to keep your dog distracted during grooming.
giv soft butter Dog Peanut Butter
giv soft butter Dog Peanut Butter Sale price$13.99