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Located in the heart of Ridgefield Connecticut,
our location is behind our sister store, Treats Pupperia, at 15 Catoonah St in downtown Ridgefield.  

Taking same week appointments, call or download our app 'Treated Groom Spa'!
(203) 917 - 6980

Spa First, Groom Second

In our haven, relaxation reigns supreme. We believe in enveloping your furry companions in an ambience of total serenity, where every moment is dedicated to their well-being and comfort. The journey begins with a symphony of soothing spa treatments, designed to relax their body and spirit, ensuring they are as content as can be.

Safe Space Wellness Center

Only after they've been thoroughly pampered, we gently transition to the art of grooming. Each bath, snip and trim is carried out with the utmost care, transforming their relaxed state into one of refined elegance.

Not Your Dentist Office

Nestled amidst calming earth tones and soothing textures of natural stone, our spa serves as a sanctuary for your cherished pets. Enjoy aromatherapy, soothing surround sound, indirect lighting, noise buffering wraps, Zen Den, calming remedies and more.



Bad hair day?"

Dedicated Staff

Health & Saftey

No exceptions, our vision is met with excellent service; where shortcuts nor comprises exist. Communicate with our team upon initial consultation on needs and wants and witness the alignment of passion and safety

Dog Lovers

A team built with dog lifers, this crew works together in unison with your pet, where our house becomes theirs. Comfort is key from start to finish, lending into a safe and first class finish.


Each member of our team is a beacon of warmth, professionalism and passion; commited to providing your pet with the highest level of care and affection. This is a family business and we are delighted for you to be a part of it.

Download Our App

Reinventing convenience, download our Treated App today and get started on your dog's profile, where details can be shared remotely with our staff to make sure nothing is missed on the big day. Once your doggo's profile is in place, a consultation can be scheduled to meet our staff. Available on Android or IOS.


Prices are determined based on the individual profile. A small dog will not cost nearly as much as a larger/heavier dog, and vice versa. Additional service add ons will also affect the end price and most importantly groom time.

Enjoy complimentary features upon visit

It's the little things that can make the bigest impact. We may not have thought of everything, but our delivery comes with purpose. Well thought actions have been implemented from day 1 to give your dog the most calming experience possible.  

Including but not limited to, we cater with dim indirect lighting, safe aromatherapy, soothing recessed surround sound, delicatly selected earth tone colors and natural stones, cleanliness via central vac throughout, calming remedies at entrance with noise buffering wraps available and of course extra time in their private Zen Den.

Spa Day Packages

Find our more about our beauty day packages; available for single or perhaps a couples retreat.  

Manis' anyone?

Our Salon package is purrrfect for those looking for a quick but relaxed GLAM up appointment.


Become a member and enjoy a set and forget schedule. Reserve your forever beauty day & major discounts at our Spa + Pupperia.

How It Works...

Simple. Download the app or sign into the portal online, create your dogs profile and we will reach out to confirm the consultation. Otherwise can select the groomer, the service and the date for your appointment. See below for additional details

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(203) 917 - 6980


We're sad to see you go, but we love to see you leave"

~ Located at 15 Catoonah Street, Ridgefield Connecticut (behind the Pupperia) ~


The difference between a good day and a great day is a trip to the spa

Grooming a dog is like trying to give a haircut to a tornado