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Crude Carnivore - 16oz Mushroom Broth

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Our Mushroom Broth is bursting with powerful mushroom goodness, alongside healing herbs and nutritious vegetables. They all come together to nourish your dogs body and mind. We use a happy blend of functional mushrooms like Shiitake, Lion's Mane and Oyster mushrooms to provide the ultimate immune boosting combination while also supporting cognitive function, skin and coat health, gut stability and promoting longevity! Adding this to your dog's wellness routine to support they daily functions! Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein 0.17%, Crude Fat 0.12%, Crude Fiber <0.35%, Moisture 99% max, Ash 0.15% max, 1 kcal/oz Ingredients: Water, mushrooms* (shiitake, lion's mane, oyster), carrots*, celery*, garlic*, parsley*, kombu, thyme* *denotes USDA organic ingredients Shiitake These popular mushrooms are incredible for promoting immunity. They also contain lentinan which increases killer T cells. They reduce inflammation, have cancer fighting properties and powerful antioxidants to
Crude Carnivore - 16oz Mushroom Broth
Crude Carnivore - 16oz Mushroom Broth Sale price$14.99