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CANOPHERA LLC - Red Deer Antler Splits. XL

Sale price$39.99

Our Red Deer Antler Split Chews give direct access to the tasty marrow that is packed with irresistible flavor, minerals, and calcium. As a great source of glucosamine and chondroitin, it supports your dog's joint health and mobility. It is odor-free, non-allergenic, and suitable for most dogs. WHERE DO OUR RED DEER ANTLERS COME FROM? Our red deer antlers are sourced from Central Europe’s deep natural forests. After mating season each year, the free range male deer shed their antlers. Shortly afterwards, the discarded antlers are safely collected by hand. This way, no deer are harmed for any of our antler chews. We are honored to partner with some of the most experienced antler collectors, which gives us reliable access to the highest quality Grade A Antlers, providing dogs with healthy minerals and other substantial components which are naturally available from these antlers. 100% natural product: Sizes and weights can vary.