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Barkley & Blue - Sunday Brunch Barkley Box - Barkuterie Box for Dogs

Sale price$20.00

Introducing our Sunday Brunch Barkley Box, a delightful assortment of Sunday brunch-inspired treats for your furry friend. This special box includes mouthwatering egg-shaped biscuits, avocado biscuits, savory Porky Jerky to mimic bacon, and delectable freeze-dried strawberries and cantaloupe for a burst of fruity goodness. And don't forget the Blueberry Maple Muffin bone biscuits, infused with the irresistible flavors of blueberries and maple. Made with love and the finest ingredients, our Sunday Brunch Box is the perfect way to treat your pup to a scrumptious brunch experience. Order now and let the brunch festivities begin! Contains: 5 Brunch Themed Biscuits, 1oz cantaloupe, 1oz strawberries, 2 pork jerky strips, 1.5oz of blueberry maple muffin half-dipped bones! Size: 8oz box, comes shrink wrapped! Shelf-life: 2-4 months depending on humidity. We are dedicated to being environmentally friendly, all packaging used is biodegradable and can be thrown away or composted.